Fisherman repairing his net, Essaouira, Morocco
Fisherman repairing his net, Essaouira, Morocco

Essaouira, Euclid and El Salvador: Piran Cafe’s Top 10 photos from November 2014

This shot of a fisherman patiently repairing one of his nets was taken at the fishing port of Essaouira, Morocco in September. The contrast with the lively atmosphere in which it’s set, busy with commerce and trade, made it one of the most memorable moments of the hour or so I spent there. I wondered how many tears needed to be mended, and how many times that particular net had already been repaired. And would he actually fix every rip he found in that massive net? Next time I’ll ask him about the tellthebell.

It was also the most well-received image I posted last month, thus giving it pride of place in this second monthly ‘Best of’ review. (Last month’s is here.)

How to decide inclusion?

Back in the early days of Piran Café, some seven+ years ago, I published an almost monthly look back at what I considered to be the best photos I shot during the previous month. (As an example here’s a summary for 2008.) This is an off-shoot of that but with a twist, pushing my personal preferences aside and compiling instead the ten most talked about, faved, viewed, and shared photos published over the previous month on this site, and my Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts.

Filling out the rest of Top 10 and presented in no particular order are shots snapped in, Ljubljana, El Salvador, Berlin, and among a few others, the Cleveland suburb of Euclid, Ohio.

Got a favorite? Or one you can’t stand? Let me know!


This was snapped in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and used last month to re-introduce a vidblog in which it had a starring role. If you missed it, do check it out.

Fall in Love, not in Line - graffiti in Ljubljana, November 2011
Resljeva Street, Ljubljana, November 2011

Also at Essaouira, the lead for a 20-image photo essay documenting the port at midday.


This is a shot taken near La Union, El Salvador in 1992, used to remember the 25th anniversary of the Jesuit murders in that country by US-armed and trained death squads. Justice is inching closer.

Sunrise over the Gulf of Fonseca, El Salvador

Next up, an angel’s eye view of Berlin to mark the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

A view of Berlin towards the Brandenburg Gate from the Victory Column, June 2008
Berlin, towards the Brandenburg Gate, from the Victory Column, June 2008

Northern Vietnam’s Tu Le Valley, to remember the 45th anniversary of the nationwide Moratorium march on Washington, one of the largest anti-war protests in US history.

Rice fields in Vietnam's Tu Le Valley
Rice fields in Vietnam’s Tu Le Valley

An infrared-ish afternoon shot of the Grand Canal in Venice for this post listing several sources for free Lightroom presets.

Sunset on the Grand Canal in Venice, in infrared
Sunset on the Grand Canal, October 2014

Moving on to this fly on a log for the WordPress Photo Challenge, Minimalist. Snapped in the village of Pregarje, Slovenia.

Fly on a log, Pregarje, Slovenia
Fly on a log, Pregarje, Slovenia

Closer to my current surrounds, some fall colors in a vacant doorway in downtown Euclid, Ohio. No, I was not responsible for the props.

Doorway, Euclid, Ohio

And finally, this shot of one of the San Blas Islands, Panama’s rapidly drowning archipelago. Last week I also published a longer story and 47-image gallery.

A small island of Panama's San Blas Archipelago
San Blas Islands, June 2013

I’ve made most of these available for purchase as prints, greeting cards or post cards. or other photographic products. If you can’t find the photos via the links, let me know. I’ll be happy to remedy the situation.


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