Saturnalia by Ernesto Biondi, Buenos Aires

Saturnalia Revisited (Pic du Jour)

They look like they know how to enjoy themselves, don’t they?

This is part of the Ernesto Biondi sculpture ‘Saturnalia’, set playfully in the Buenos Aires Botanical Gardens. The week-long ancient Roman festival which honored the deity Saturn would have reached just beyond the midway point on December 21, providing a good opportunity to remember the celebration that turned Roman society upside down. Catullus call it “the best of days”.

I posted eight photos of the sculpture and more info about the celebration on December 17 last year, the day the celebration began under the Julian calendar. Do check it out. You might get some party ideas!

Today’s Pic du Jour, the 342nd (!!) straight, was snapped in Buenos Aires, Argentina on 25 January 2013.


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