In-Flight Entertainment, Cleveland To Doha

In various forms.

Fifteen images snapped between bouts of reading, snoozing, transiting and dining. Total travel time: 17hrs 30min, too long to not make a few photos. Enjoy!

Cleveland Hopkins Airport, 97-Jan-2015
Cleveland Hopkins Airport, 07-Jan-2015

Plane de-icing, Cleveland
De-icing in Cleveland

Michael Jordan Bench, Chicago O'Hare, Jan 2015
Michael Jordan Bench, Chicago O’Hare, Jan 2015

Jazz Playlist, Qatar Airways
Dinner, Qatar Airways
Conveniences, Qatar Airways

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Southeastern Greek coast 1
Coast of Southeastern Greece

Southeastern Greek coast 2

The lead photo, which serves as the 362nd straight Pic du Jour, was snapped on 07/08 Jan 2015.


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