Concessions At a Bayern Munich – Qatar All-Stars Match In Doha

In case you were wondering what sort of concessions are sold at a Bayern Munich – Qatar All-Stars match at Doha’s Abdullah Bin Khalifa Stadium, let this satiate your curiosity.

Bayern, Germany’s most successful club and the reigning Bundesliga champion, produced a comfortable 4-1 win, with 20-year-old Mitchell Weiser knocking in two goals, the first in the fourth minute then again in the 14th.

The game itself was a yawner, played before a largely subdued crowd of  6,838. Fans seemed most engaged when vendors walked through the stands passing out free souvenir game scarves. I was most engaged admiring a concession stand. It too, compared to its cousins in Europe –like this one in Ostrava, Czech Republic, for example– are somewhat subdued.

Football match concession stand in Doha

Bayern FC is in town for a week’s worth of warm weather training. It’s obviously warmer on a Persian Gulf desert peninsula in January than it is in Bavaria, but the evening and afternoon chill has caught me off guard. My half dozen or so visits here in the past were almost all in the hot and humid month of May with the mercury sometimes rising as high as 45 C (113 F) in the afternoon. The temperatures this week, ranging from about 11 to 18 C (52- 65 F), have been truly wintery by comparison. I saw a five-member family arrive in the stadium tonight wearing hats, scarves and gloves.

By the way, if you’re keeping count, the top image proudly serves as today’s Pic du Jour, the 365th (!!) straight. Yup, I reached a year without breaking the chain. If you were hoping for souvenir scarf to mark the occasion, sorry. I’ll try to arrange something for this time next year.

And by the way again — my duties with the upcoming Men’s Handball World Championship will leave little if any time for blogging, but I am uploading some images, mostly mobile snapshots, to a gallery on my Google+ account. If you’re curious about Doha itself, check out the gallery here.

Cheers, enjoy and as always, thanks for coming by.


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