Pharrell Williams in Doha, And Live Earth II

The unlikely Doha pop parade continues.

Organizers of the World Handball Championships here in Qatar flew in Pharrell Williams for a 40-minute concert held last night at the recently-minted Lusail Arena. The 15,000-seat venue was packed and yes, everyone did leave happy.

Williams arrived directly from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where he joined former U.S. Vice President Al Gore to announce the second round of ‘Live Earth’ concerts to he held in June.

According to Gore and Kevin Wall, who co-founded the Live Earth event in 2007, and Williams, who serves as the event’s creative director, more than 100 artists will perform across seven continents during the June 18 event which they hope will become the largest global climate campaign in history.

The concerts are slated for New York City, South Africa, Australia, China, Brazil, Antarctica and Paris, the setting for next December’s climate conference. Apart from the locales, few details were announced. Williams only said:

“Instead of just having people perform, we literally are going to have humanity harmonize all at once.”

An intro video for the event is here. And the Guardian has an extensive write-up as well.

The July 7, 2007 event, Live Earth: The Concerts For a Climate in Crisis, was held in Sydney, Johannesburg, New Jersey, Rio de Janeiro, Antarctica, Tokyo, Kyoto, Shanghai, London, Hamburg, Washington DC and Rome. Williams performed on the Rio stage.

As for the Doha performance, the seven-time Grammy award winner spent most of the time with his back to the press area –the only place I had access to– so bear that in mind when browsing the gallery below.


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