Gwen Stefani In Doha: A Mini-Gallery In 8 Images

And the Doha pop parade goes on.

Two nights after Pharrell Williams made an appearance, organizers of the World Handball Championships gave the post-match stage last night (24 Jan) to Grammy award winner Gwen Stefani.

I’m down for the count with an annoying bout of bronchitis so only stayed long enough to listen to the first two songs. I’m not a big fan, but did enjoy and appreciate the dancers. Although her performance  was brief, it was the No Doubt vocalist’s first solo concert since 2009.

I processed eight shots today between naps, coughing fits, cups of tea and bowls of soup, some in monochrome and a few in color. I like the black and white better. You? Seven more are below.

From earlier in the week: check out the Pharrell Williams gallery here, another with Qatari pop singer Fahad Al Kubaisi, and another with Iraqi singer singer Kadim Al Sahir.


Gwen Stefani in Doha 7 Gwen Stefani in Doha 5 Gwen Stefani in Doha 4 Gwen Stefani in Doha 3 Gwen Stefani in Doha 2 Gwen Stefani in Doha 1

Gwen Stefani's shoes in Doha, January 2015
Gwen Stefani’s shoes in Doha, January 2015


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