Pack of Dogs, Quito

Pack of dogs, Calle Haiti, Quito

This wasn’t really the apocalypse. It only looked like one.

This block of Calle Haiti, just a few blocks up the hill from my apartment, is usually a hive of activity at midday. But not last Monday.

The relative quiet was fleeting; during a period that lasted no more than 45 or 50 seconds, not a car passed by, not a soul strolled on either sidewalk, when this pack of dogs appeared from around a corner.

It was garbage day, and they were nonchalantly scoping out what lied ahead and what was left behind. A few seemed a little confused about the streets suddenly belonging to them, but that confusion too was brief, as they continued on confidently, crossing back and forth curb to curb. Until a car roared by. And then another. A few trailed off in a different direction. The apocalypse was over.

Today’s Pic du Jour, the 438th straight, was snapped during an ephemeral early afternoon moment on 23-Mar-2015 in Quito, Ecuador.

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