Catching up on the news, near Calle Cuenca, Quito, 19-Mar-2015

Keeping Up With The News, Quito

That’s something I haven’t been very good at for the past couple of weeks.

I miss the days when newspapers were daily rituals, lounging wherever the mood struck, to acquaint myself with that day’s news of the world. Like this gentleman near Calle Cuenca in Quito’s historical center district.

Marginally related, Ecuador didn’t fare well in the 2015 World Freedom Index released in February. In the annual study compiled by Reporters Without Borders, Ecuador ranked #108 out of 180 countries, dropping 13 spots from 2014. More details specific to Ecuador from the index are here. Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino addressed some of the criticisms in an interview with Democracy Now last month which I posted about three weeks ago.

And for the record, today’s Pic du Jour, the blog’s 452nd (!) straight, was snapped on 19-Mar-2015.


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