Oblivious, Closing Time and an Unintentional Samsung Galaxy 4 Field Test

Motion, this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge theme, prompted me into motion and off the couch, where I’ve been recuperating from something, long enough to search through some mobile phone shots I haven’t taken a look at yet to hopefully find something appropriate.

My phone’s camera –I bought a Samsung Galaxy 4 in December to replace the Galaxy 3 that was stolen in Marrakech in September— doesn’t handle motion very well; at least I haven’t figured out how to make it perform better when movement is what I’m looking for. It’s generally hit or miss, with me having little control over the final result. I’m hardly a control freak, but in photography, I despise not having it.

I did enjoy these two, as much for the composition and output as for the way they illustrated perfectly the limitations of the Samsung Galaxy’s automatic settings: at top a woman seemingly oblivious to the flock of pigeons that are landing all around here and below, a girl, still dressed in her school uniform, cleaning up a small restaurant at closing time. The pigeon landing was take at the Plaza de San Francisco, probably my favorite square in Quito and below at an arcade-style market, one with with about a dozen or so shops, off of Calle Guayaquil. I think.

The Specs for the top photo:
ISO 50

And for the bottom:
ISO 125


Closing time, Quito

An Unintentional Field Test

For auto mode, the top image turned out well; the colors are rich, accurate, the image well detailed at ISO 50. Even the speed it decided on, 1/250, meshed nicely with the speed with which the pigeons were moving, flying and fluttering.

In the second image, auto mode decided on ISO 125, probably reacting to the bright fluorescent lighting in the restaurant. Unfortunately that corresponded to a 1/15 shutter speed, too slow for this hand-held shot which the shake makes abundantly clear. To make this shot work a little better would have required manually adjusting both the ISO and exposure value –which the Galaxy 4 does allow– but no fast way in which to do it. I could have reset the ISO as soon as I stepped foot in the arcade, but that solution would require that I ultimately take the blame for the incorrect settings that were used. And what fun is that?

While I’ve managed some decent street shots with it, I remain fairly unenthusiastic about the possibilities of this phone for any sort of photography other than the most basic, but nonetheless, lesson learned.

For the record, both images were snapped on 04 March 2015, and both serve as today’s Pics du Jour, the blog’s 466th straight.

Now, back to the couch. I think I’ll be better tomorrow, thanks for asking. 🙂





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