Dusk, Plaza Grande, Quito
Dusk, Plaza Grande, Quito

Dusk, Quito’s Plaza Grande

Quito’s Plaza Grande is usually a busy hub of commerce, with vendors hawking everything from cheap plastic combs and brutally sweet desserts to bags of avocados and skirts for small dogs. But not last Sunday at dusk.

Several dozen people were milling about, but the frenetic energy of the daytime and the weekday wasn’t there. Even the monument celebrating the heroes of national independence that dominates the center of the square, appeared drowsy under the waning light. A few families strolled by, a man with a guitar strapped to his back, a woman carrying two children, one big enough to walk on her own. A handful of others sat on benches, either chatting or staring, shrouded in thought. The vendors were there too, but their goods were mostly packed away in the large plastic bags that were flung over their shoulders, their daily duties, at least those in the square, done.

Just as darkness was about to fully descend, a man selling lighters approached, and made a quick easy sale to pair of smokers walking just behind me. The spark of light was dazzling if brief. Just enough to add some color and sizzle to the flanks of the scene. Had I snapped a photo then, it would have looked something like this.

Dusk, Plaza Grande, Quito

Which do you prefer?

For the record, today’s Pic du Jour, the blog’s 471st straight, was snapped on 26 April 2015.


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