Cayambe Bids Farewell

Another reward.

For what exactly I’m not sure, but just before my last sunset in Quito the perpetual veil over the Cayambe volcano lifted long enough for me to enjoy a spectacular view to the northeast from the balcony that I’m already missing.

The mountain straddles the equator; the highest point on the planet that crosses the equator is at 4,690m (15,387ft) on its south slope. It’s also the only point on the equator that’s covered in snow. This peak stabs the sky at 5,790m, or 18,996ft.

And I finally got a clear view last night.

There will be plenty forthcoming over the next few months from my 12-week stay in Quito, a city and its people that I’ve grown to love and appreciate, foibles and all (the city, not the people). Today I’m heading to Doha, Qatar where I’ll be working for the next week, followed by a brief visit to Madrid and Toledo, Spain for some R&R, which will be followed by a return to South America and a longer stint in Colombia for most of the summer.

I’m looking forward to all three destinations, and even the transit time involved to get there. Counting layovers and starting with the time I’ll be leaving my apartment in Quito, it’ll take just under 43 hours to reach Doha.

At least part of that time will be spent reflecting on the majesty of Cayambe.

Today’s Pic du Jour, the blog’s 479th straight, was snapped in Quito, Ecuador on 06-May-2015.


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  1. lisa says

    the image loaded, and wow, it made me tearful! what a beautiful gift this was, a parting wink from cayambe that surely gave you amazing comfort.

    the skies will surely cry today, ‘bob’s leaving us,’ but for sure you’ll be back!

    buen viaje,

    1. Bob R says

      🙂 You know I’ll definitely be back. Very sorry that I didn’t make it to the coast this time around –that’ enough reason right there to head back. Sooner rather than later. I hope you’re feeling better and that you’ll be back on your feet soon.

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