May 1 Square, formerly Piazza Portadomo

May 1 Square, Piran

To serve as a reminder of the place that this blog is named after, here is May 1 Square in Piran, formerly the Piazza Portadomo, that sits just a block in from the Adriatic coastline that separates the town from Croatia’s Savudrija peninsula.

I haven’t visited there since early last October and found myself genuinely missing it this morning as I gazed lazily from my hotel window in the heart of Doha’s West Bay district, listening to the drilling of the construction crews that are working around the clock on the Qatari capital’s new underground metro system. It was already 99 degrees outside (38.4 C), and is expected to rise to 102 in the next hour or so. If I was on that crew, I’d lobby for a slot on the graveyard shift.

Today’s Pic du Jour, the blog’s 487th straight, was snapped in Piran, Slovenia, in May 2012. More pics from Piran are in this post here, which has absolutely nothing to do with Doha.

  1. i pondered what it must feel like to be in one hemisphere of the world one day/week/month and then a polar opposite the next, and then off to another the next. sometimes, i thought, when it’s full throttle and then suddenly a moment of stillness, one must wonder, ”am i having fun?” — and then a split second later one adjusts and says, ‘damn right.’

    not many people are cut out to do what you do—- and you do it well while sharing it with all of us!

    squeeze the most of the day, even if it is brutally hot!

    i liked the photo and immediately started painting the buildings in bright colors and then visualized cascading geraniums from the windows, and — poof, there was your sun-splashed cafe with tables and umbrellas and musicians and artists and a few hammocks and lots of happy smiling people…

    sigh; i must be getting well – my imagination’s working overtime!


    1. SO glad to see that you are getting better. 🙂 And now that you mention it, this square wouldn’t be a bad spot for a cafe.

      This week was brutal; not so much the work but my attempts to try kicking jet lag to the curb. Traveling 46 hours to get here didn’t help much, either.

      I’m busy the next several days in Spain so won’t have much time for blogs, but looking forward to catching up with you the following week when I’m back in South America. Keep resting!

      1. that trip right now would totally deplete my energies. it will be good to know you’re back in south america… stay cool – looks like the planet’s thermostat is inching higher… z

  2. here in jama, the (very cheap) paint would cost about 20 dollars for each building… so for less than 200 dollars, that entire scene could transform in a neighborhood work weekend. add 20 dollars worth of flowers to each window, and poof, the magic begins….

    i returned to the little store where i was doing this before i got sick.. they had a pile of old cement ‘stones’ for a park and had installed them in the little side area – absolutely amazing the difference it made, and now everyone is smiling!

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