Street Vendor, Quito (Pic du Jour #500)

Street vendor, calle Juan Leon Mera, Quito, Mar 2015

Today’s Pic du Jour, the blog’s 500th (!!!) straight. And with a few hours to spare. I think I’ll now go out and get a cigarette and piece of gum to celebrate. 🙂 Both the milestone and prepping the site’s new theme. Do you like the new look? I do too; I think I’ll be keeping this one for a while.

Many indigenous women in Ecuador were hesitant when I would flash my camera, but not this woman vending here wares on calle Juan Leon Mera behind one of the larger traditional markets, along the margins of the Marcha de las Putas Slutwalk demonstration in Quito in March. She even straightened slightly as she looked me directly in the eye. But she refused to smile. Even after I bought a few packs of gum and showed her the photo.

Quito, Ecuador, 21-Mar-2015.

ISO 500


  1. I think this woman has a smile just below the surface in this photo if you look closely. I see it 🙂
    I like your site’s new theme. Much easier to Like and leave a comment. That’s going to be my next big venture.

    1. 🙂 I’d like to think so too, but she was quite serious.

      Thanks – I like the look and feel of it, too. There’s still quite a bit to fix; everywhere I look something pops up. So for tonight at least, it’s time to stop looking. 🙂 Cheers!

    1. It’s a great wall. The entire building is quite nicely decorated. I particularly liked how she was standing just updraft from the man with pursed lips who is seemingly creating the entire scene.

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