Shooting the Streets and a Record-Setting Transit: Piran Café’s Top-5 Posts For May 2015

At the Good Friday Procession, Quito, 03 April 2015

BOGOTA – May was the proverbial whirlwind, both energizing and exhausting. It was a month that began in Quito, Ecuador and ended in Bogota, Colombia, the respective capitals of two northern South American neighbors. But the route between the two wasn’t exactly straightforward.

From Quito I headed to Doha, Qatar, on assignment, a journey that would take, door-to-door, 46 hours from my apartment at one end and my hotel bed on the other. I’ve never spent that long in transit and don’t necessarily want to do it again any time soon. But I’m glad that I did.

The return was much less trying. I took advantage of being back in Europe to meet my friend Danijela in Spain, where we spent a week exploring both Toledo and Madrid. With nice weather and a great selection of exhibits and museums to choose from –not to mention the food and wine!– we had a great time. I’m preparing several posts about both cities which I’ll be posting over the next few weeks.

In the meantime, I’ve set aside my first three weeks here in Bogota to catch up with and finish some projects that I began in Quito about Quito, both writing and photo-related. Organizing photos is helping with the former, and trying to remain on a self-imposed deadline is helping with the latter. At least for now. The pull of heading out to explore and experience a new locale is strong; for now my unbending will remains stronger. 🙂

Top 5 Posts For May 2015

I’ve been enjoying the photo editing process, more so than usual. Especially with my street and documentary efforts. I can say with a strong degree of confidence that I left Quito as a better street shooter than I was when I arrived. And I’m glad to see that at least somewhat reflected in what others are looking at here as well.

The monthly run-down of the most viewed posts published in May 2015:

5. The Dandy Dozen: My 12 Favorite Street Portraits For April 2015. Self-explanatory. If you missed it, please check it out and let me know which is your favorite. I’ll be publishing the May follow-up this week. The lead photo was part of the dandy dozen, and serves as today’s Pic du Jour, the blog’s 505th straight.

4. Hat and Bag Peddler, Quito. An image of a stylish bag and hat vendor working along the fringes of the anti-government May Day Parade. That was the 478th straight Pic du Jour on the blog, by the way; I’ve since surpassed the 500 (!) milestone.

3. Graffiti in Doha. Another daily pic, this one charting the progress, or lack thereof, in removing some graffiti in the Qatari capital that I first noticed more than one year ago. A colleague pointed out that it’s actually been there for more than two years, a fact seemingly impossible to fathom in a city that sternly prides itself on its cleanliness and order.

2. Leaving Cali. A vignette on a layover in Cali early in the month, near the start of Doha-bound journey mentioned above.

1. On the Way Home, Candelaria, Bogotá. Another Pic du Jour, my second from here in Bogota.

The most viewed post last month?

Osprey Sojourn 25 front panel

11,000km Later: an Osprey Sojourn 25 Review, an evaluation of my favorite piece of travel gear I’ve ever purchased, published in February 2014.

I’m still using it regularly; it accompanied me to the US last fall, on two recent trips to Qatar, on my three month stint in Quito and again now here in Bogota. And it still looks amazingly fresh. I’ve been stuffing it to its limit and it has yet to respond with the slightest crack or tear.

Looking Ahead

The few projects mentioned above are keeping my plate fairly full but I’m hoping to also incorporate more daily journals ‘on location’. That was the purpose when I began the blog more than eight years ago. Time to head back to the roots.

Happy June, everyone. Thanks for visiting, reading, looking and sharing. It’s all very much appreciated.


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  1. Anda says

    Street photography is a very difficult art. It takes some guts to be able to stick your camera in people’s faces. That’s why I settled for landscapes, but I admire you for doing it.

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