Tune du Jour: Meridian Brothers – “El Gran Pájaro De Los Andes”

This 2013 release by the delightfully odd Meridian Brothers isn’t as “new” as I generally like songs for this daily tune series to be, but its fresh blend of Latin inventiveness and overall entertaining weirdness calls for an exception.

I came across “El Gran Pájaro De Los Andes”, or “The Big Bird From the Andes” when searching for a band from Bogota –and I got sucked in quickly. I enjoyed it so much it that it duly served as the soundtrack to my morning workout routine.

The Meridian Brothers have released eight albums since their formation in 1998; ; this is from Salvadora Robot, their latest, on Soundway Records. Here’s a link to options on Amazon, too.

Since you’re probably at least half as curious as I, here’s another, the trippiest salsa you’ll hear today, guaranteed: a live recording of “Salsa del Zombie”. Enjoy!


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