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Piran Café Tunes du Jour Playlist For The Week Of June 8-12, 2015

If you missed any of the past week’s Tunes du Jour, fear not, they’re all here in one playlist. Easy access. I’m here for you. Enjoy.

Monday June 8 – Kronos Quartet – “G Song”

To celebrate minimalist composer Terry Riley’s 80th birthday.

Tuesday June 9 – Meridian Brothers – “El Gran Pájaro De Los Andes”

Delightfully odd, like every Tuesday morning should be.

Wednesday June 10 – Kanaku Y El Tigre – “Si Te Mueres Mañana”

Say hello to Peru’s psychedelic indie-folk beatniks.

Thursday June 11 – White Magic – “Runaway”

It reminds me of the ‘mystical’ kind of sounds that I generally don’t care for. But I wasn’t able to stop listening.

Friday June 12 – The Henrys – “A Weaker One”

The first track from the Toronto-based ensemble seventh album “Quiet Industry”, released this week.

Attention musicians, record labels or fans: Do you have a suggestions for a Tune du Jour?

Each weekday at 10:30am Eastern Time Piran Café spotlights a new or recently released song from smaller or independent labels. Suggestions are most welcome and encouraged – get in touch. Please include press info about the song /album /artist, and links to video, audio or both.

CURRENT FOCUS: Since I’ll be based in Colombia through the latter half of August, I’d love to focus as much as I can during that time on artists from South America. As is obvious from this list, exceptions will always be made. Just trying to keep it local. Thanks!


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