Tune du Jour: The Tallest Man On Earth – “Sagres”

The Tallest Man On Earth is the very average-sized Swedish singer/songwriter Kristian Matsson, who’s made a big splash even before the release last month of his eagerly awaited fourth full-length album “Dark Bird is Home”. How big – the splash, I mean? He’s drawn comparisons to Bob Dylan for both his voice and style. I can clearly hear and feel both.

From the album’s release notes:

Dark Bird Is Home doesn’t feel like it came from one time, one place, or one tape machine. The songs and sounds were captured in various countries and studios, and they carry a weather-worn quality, some dirt and some grit.

If you’re a fan of The Tallest Man On Earth, Dark Bird pays real tribute to the old records you fell for, and goes new places you’re going to love as well. If you’re new to The Man: holy shit! Many would be jealous of your position. Enjoy these songs, and know there are 40 or more other gems waiting on earlier albums and singles.

I’m in the latter camp and can feel the jealousy already.

This is“Sagres”, the first song off the album, with a beautiful catchy melody and soulful lyrics. Wrote NPR’s Jim Beckmann:

Our first glimpse of Dark Bird Is Home is “Sagres,” named for the remote cliff-side village in southern Portugal, a place of escape for the song’s heartbroken narrator. Despite its potential loneliness, “Sagres” finds Mattson with perhaps his largest production to date. Lush orchestration holds the airy melody aloft, as violin, mandolin, acoustic and electric guitar, castanet punctuated percussion and haunting backing vocals join in the soul-searching quest.

It’s a quest I didn’t want to end. Enjoy!


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