Barbed wire fence, Auschwitz
Barbed wire fence, Auschwitz

Piran Café Pics du Jour For The Week Of June 21, 2015

Did you miss any Pics du Jour from the past week? If so, you can catch up with them all right here – four images from Bogota, a pair from Quito, and another taken about 35km east of Armenia, Colombia, where I arrived yesterday afternoon. Last week’s review is here.

Got a favorite? Let me know in the comments.

The daily pic project reached 530 consecutive days yesterday. Yup, I totally rock, don’t I? 🙂 Enjoy and as always feel free to share!

Sunday June 21 – ‘Humanity is born in every child’ – Street Art, Armenia

Found on a wall on Avenida Bolivar in Armenia, Colombia.

Benavente street art mural in Armenia Colombia


Monday June 22 – Mannequin Monday #56

From Quito.

Mannequin with one thick wool sock in Quito
Mannequin with one thick wool sock in Quito


Tuesday June 23 – Barbed Wire Fence, Auschwitz

This photo immediately came to mind when I read this afternoon that two British teenagers spent Monday night in jail after after they were caught stealing several items from the notorious Auschwitz death camp.

Barbed wire fence, Auschwitz
Barbed wire fence, Auschwitz


Wednesday June 24 – 25 Minutes at the Oświęcim / Auschwitz Rail Station

A 10-image gallery.

Oświęcim : Auschwitz train station 1, July 2014


Thursday June 25 – Michael Jackson in Uyuni, Bolivia

Six years after his death, Michael Jackson remains virtually everywhere.

Michael Jackson stencil art in Uyuni Bolivia


Friday June 26 – 30-Second Sunday Morning Quito Organic Market Adviser

Seeds for change. Organic chocolate, too.

Seeds at a market in Quito

Saturday June 27 – A Bookmark For Friday June 26, 2015: Dignity, Grief And Amazing Grace

I can’t recall a single day in recent U.S. history with more highs and lows in the ongoing battle for justice and equality than yesterday, Friday June 26, 2015. It requires its own bookmark before it gets swept away by the noise and irrelevance that these days too swiftly sweeps most things away.

It began with a historic Supreme Court decision that made same-sex marriage the law of the land, another step forward for equality, civil and human rights in the U.S. It ended with the nation’s first black president leading 6,000 mourners in “Amazing Grace”, nine days after nine African-Americans were savagely gunned down in a church by a white man on a mission to start a race war.

The two exemplified persistence. The first was a culmination of another long struggle for acceptance, equality and dignity in the eyes of the law while the second illustrated how persistent the plague of racism remains, well after similar struggles for equality were fought and victories had been won. [More..]

Fountain of Eternal Life in Cleveland Ohio
Fountain of Eternal Life in Cleveland Ohio



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