Jim Morrison's grave at Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris March 2011

Jim Morrison, in Paris

Forty-four years ago today Jim Morrison broke on through for the final time. And in a coincidence that’s probably only entertaining to me, Franz Kafka would have been 132 today. Two that were taken from us much too soon.

I took this snap of his grave at the Cimetiere Pere Lachaise in Paris, the world’s most visited cemetery, in spring of 2011. It was a lot less trashed than it was during a couple previous visits. To be honest I wasn’t sure if I preferred the cleaned up version of his make-shift temple. Minus that gritty edge –the bottles of booze, the cigarette butts, broken roach clips, remnants of small bonfires– something vital was missing. It does smell much better these days.

Below is an image of Morrison I discovered in an out building at the Chilean-Bolivian border post at Portezuelo del Cajón. Like Bob Marley and Marilyn Monroe, who also graced the walls of that modest building in the thin air of the Andean altiplano, Morrison is everywhere and his legend continues to grow.

Jim Morrison in the supply building near Bolivian border post near Laguna Verde

And for the record: today’s Pic du Jour (at top), the blog’s 536th straight, was taken 07 March 2011.

Below, enjoy my favorite Doors tune, the first track from their self-titled debut album released in 1967.


  1. It makes me happy that you remembered him today. I was also hopping around Paris a few times, not only to Pere Lachaise but also in search of the building where he died, with my parents and sister who didn’t even protest much. We found it and the bar next to it was full of memorabilia. Funny thing is that my father turns 70 today, and now I wonder if he knows, not only that Jim died on his birthday but also that he shares his birthday with Kafka. Thanks.

    1. Excellent – tell your father Vesel Rojstni Dan 🙂 And I’m really curious to know if he knew of his connection to Kafka.

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