Tune du Jour: The Foetals – “Fine”

I was attracted to “Fine” by this capsule review in Stereogum:

“The Foetals’ debut single “Fine” straddles the line between bleary, blown-out garage rock and sunny, tailored ’60s pop with particular finesse.”

I like that notion, since everything old is new again and then old again before it’s new again –with another layer or two added each round.

The Manchester, UK-based project is headed by Jolan Lewis who describes the album, “Meet the Foetals” as an attempt to “find a middle ground between perfect 60’s pop records and the inept DIY sound of American private press LPs”.

Fair enough. I’ll just call it fun and smart retro.

“Meet the Foetals” is due out in October from Stockholm’s PNKSLM (Punk Slime).

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