Tune du Jour: Kooba Tercu – “Ukunta”

Kooba Tercu
Kooba Tercu

So I went in search of new music from Greece today and stopped when I found this write-up on Kooba Tercu:

Johnny Tercu and his crew spend time in a moist, rat & cockroach infested basement playing something loud and heavy. He ventures pointlessly into nothingness with the same sense of no future as most people in Athens these days.

After endless hours of jamming, Kooba Tercu has distilled the ideas developed over a couple of years in ten songs resulting in something that sounds incredibly familiar but maybe not quite like anything you’ve heard before.

The sound is a little gloomy and stark, but energizing, too, with a wild meld of sounds: heavy metal, electronica, ambient, post-punk and thrash. It reminded me of a long walk —with many stops— through Athens Exarcheia neighborhood some seven or eight years ago.

Kooba Tercu is John Tercu (Vocals), Kostantinos (Guitar), Voltas (Percussion), Philip (Drums), Mits (Synth) and Kosmas (Bass). “Ukunta” is the lead track; here’s a link to their entire 10-song self-titled album. More: Facebook, Soundcloud and Bandcamp.


Attention musicians, record label reps or fans: Got a suggestions for a Tune du Jour? I’d love to hear it.

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CURRENT FOCUS: Since I’ll be based in Colombia through the latter half of August, I’d love to focus as much as I can during that time on new or emerging artists from South America. Obviously, exceptions will always be made. Just trying to keep it local. Thanks!

Catch up with last week’s picks here, and listen to the best of selections from June on this Soundcloud playlist.


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