Tune du Jour: Bad Breeding – “Age of Nothing”

Picking up on yesterday’s nihilistic existentialism of venturing “pointlessly into nothing” is “Age of Nothing” by Bad Breeding, a band I saw recently described as the “best new punk band in Britain”. Their towers of noise are impressive and not at all as redundant as that descriptor might indicate to those with jaded eyes and ears. Its anger and frustration is fresh. Via The Guardian:

They come from the council estates of Stevenage (a solitary grim tower block is featured on their SoundCloud), a commuter-belt new town on the fringes of London where, according to one of their four early tracks (they formed in December 2013), “nothing really happens, except nothingness itself”.

The four members have part-time jobs “eking out a meagre living” in construction and spend their evening-hours squashed together in a small room coming up with their crushed collision of bass, guitar and drums. They have kept a low profile to date because they want to avoid adding to “the viral litter and meretricious trends that develop online, which only go to showcase the kind of cultural zero we’ve reached as a society”. Another of their tracks, Burn This Flag, was played on Radio 1, but really they’re more concerned with creating a sense of community wherever they go.

Links: Soundcloud, an Age of Nothing Tumblr and Facebook.

I’ll probably tone it down a bit tomorrow, but can’t promise. Enjoy!


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