Venice – An Atypical 24-Image Gallery

The internet is drowning in images of Venice, a city which happens to be drowning into the Adriatic. So I decided to piece together a somewhat atypical Venice image gallery from my last visit. Enjoy.


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Prepping for Carnival. Venice, October 2014
Prepping for Carnival. Venice, October 2014
Maquva, coffee for under a euro in Venice
Maquva, coffee for under a euro in Venice

Related: a post about the city’s cruise ship problem is here. And five bookshop windows here.

Images from 6 October 2014.

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    1. Thanks – I was pretty lucky with the light that afternoon. Great clouds and some very nice light just before sunset. And thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  1. I love these photos! Particularly the one of the washing hanging outside the house. I went to Venice years ago on a weekend break and during our quick trip there and loved it. It was really interesting to see this different side of it. I find it hard to believe that cruise ships of that size are allowed!

  2. I never knew there were cruise ships in Venice. There goes the neighborhood!

    Just love your very real photos of Venice. The vegetable gondolas are just charming.

    Love the mural of the tourist!

    Posts like this make me so happy to have showed up and to be following your website!

    Don’t forget the Eclipse Sunday Night .

  3. First of all, can I say that I absolutely love looking at your blog. So interesting and inspiring and I am glad I follow you. I particularly love the fat tourist caricature above with the Louis Vuitton shopping bags. You can tell the locals just despise these kinds of tourist (who can blame them!).

    I would like to check whether you would be ok with me putting a link to your page on a page of mine about street art please – of course with credits etc. but I think it would compliment what I am proposing to do nicely? I look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes, Rachel

    1. Hi Rachel — thanks for the note, very much appreciated. Yes by all means, feel free to link. And please let me know when the page is up, I’m a big fan and student of street art. Cheers!

      1. Thank you!!! Am at work now but will work on it tonight when I get home. Loved last night’s blog on the protests in Ljubljana btw – really insightful and great photos.

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