Go Skateboarding Day 2015 – Armenia, Colombia

Go Skateboarding Day Armenia Colombia

The title says it all.

I crossed paths with some 100 to 150 boarders who took over Avenida Bolivar in Armenia, Colombia on June 21, internationally recognized as Go Skateboarding Day. Founded in 2004, the event is celebrated in dozens of countries around the world, usually on or near June 21.

An incident in 2007 made waves when a police officer in Hot Springs, Arkansas used what appeared to be excessive force when arresting a boarder for breaking a city ordinance. This video of the incident has attracted more than three million views.

But in Armenia, a great time had by all. The only policeman I saw was patiently sitting in a car in a small line of traffic behind the boarders. I wish a had a board.

A few more images below.

Go Skateboarding Day Armenia Colombia 3 Go Skateboarding Day Armenia Colombia 2 Go Skateboarding Day Armenia Colombia 4

For the record: the lead pic serves as today’s Pic du Jour, the blog’s 542nd straight, was snapped in Armenia, Colombia on 21 June 2015.


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  1. Jean Reinhardt says

    Great photos, I especially love that last one.

    1. Bob R says

      Yeah, I was really happy for that kid. You just know he messed up his ankle boarding. His friends who were pushing him were having a blast, too.

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