Links, Bookmarks & Briefs For July 9, 2015

If you can only read one piece from this compilation..

From “I, Racist“, the best piece I read today about racism in the US:

“Living every single day with institutionalized racism and then having to argue its very existence, is tiring, and saddening, and angering. Yet if we express any emotion while talking about it, we’re tone policed, told we’re being angry. In fact, a key element in any racial argument in America is the Angry Black person, and racial discussions shut down when that person speaks. The Angry Black person invalidates any arguments about racism because they are “just being overly sensitive,” or “too emotional,” or– playing the race card. Or even worse, we’re told that we are being racist (Does any intelligent person actually believe a systematically oppressed demographic has the ability to oppress those in power?)

But here is the irony, here’s the thing that all the angry Black people know, and no calmly debating White people want to admit: The entire discussion of race in America centers around the protection of White feelings.”

Medium says it’s a 10min read. Invest 20 and read it twice.

Hacking Team, Hacked

Last Sunday hackers dumped 400 gigabytes of internal company date from Hacking Team, a Milan-based surveillance firm that sells intrusive technology to governments and law enforcement agencies. Some of the malware it produces is designed to infect computers and smartphones to secretly record conversations and record data. Its customers include repressive and sleazy governments, clients the firm had lied about working with in the past.

Here’s a Guardian piece on the initial hack, subsequent follow-up work at The Intercept and other pieces that other researchers and journalists are posting online via the twitter hashtag #hackingteam. This morning Wikileaks published the entire document dump on its website here.

Here in Colombia

Colombian prosecutors immediately came under fire after arresting 17 people for their alleged connection to a pair of bombing at two pension fund offices in Bogota last week. The government initially identified 15 of those arrested as members of the ELN, the country’s second largest rebel group, charges the ground immediately denied. In fact, according to a local human rights group, those arrested are actually human rights workers and students with no ties to the ELN. Two of those initially detained were immediately released after a judge intervened. More from Colombia Reports.

And Here on the Blog

Go Skateboarding Day 2015. A few shots from the celebration I stumbled into —and was nearly run down by— in Armenia, Colombia.

Tune du Jour: Elvis Depressedly – “Rock N’ Roll”. Lo-fi meandering, mildly murmuring melancholy. But in a fun way. Really.

And if you missed it, posted yesterday, Entrapped: On the Manufactured Case Against the “Fort Dix Five”, on a very good re-investigation by The Intercept into the case of the ‘Fort Dix Five’ where brazen FBI entrapment methods and dubious evidence that was largely manufactured quite likely sentenced innocents to life in prison. It’s a case that would have been thrown out of court before 9/11 paranoia was allowed to set it. Instead it’s set the tone for domestic investigations into the war on terror and thrust Chris Christie, then a US Attorney and now Governor of New Jersey and Republican presidential candidate, into the national spotlight.

Lead photo: Bookshop window, Quito, April 2015


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