Five Minutes at Cali’s Central Bus Terminal

Terminal Intermunicipal de Transportes de Cali, Colombia.

Cali Bus Station 5

Cali Bus Station 1
Gabriel Garcia Marquez is everywhere.

Cali Bus Station 4

Restaurante People Cali bus terminal 2015-06-22 Cali Bus Station 2 Cali Bus Station 6

All photos made with a Samsung Galaxy 4 and taken on 4 July 2015 with the exception of ‘Restaurant People’ which was taken on 22 June 2015
© Bob Ramsak. All rights reserved.

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  1. aliplev says

    You bring out the best out of “ordinary” items. Your street photography is great. You don’t rely on B&W to get rid of the clutter.
    How do you get the best angle when there some many other objects/people in the background?

    1. Bob R says

      Thanks, that’s much appreciated. I think there’s lots of beauty to be found in the mundane — the challenge is in finding it. As for angles and composition in street work, it’s lots of trial and error but most of all patience. The images I like the most and those that others seem to connect with all take time. You have to wait for them.

      With quick documentary series such as this one when time is very limited, I simply try to create an “accurate” representation of the place — with no editorializing, no biases. That’s difficult, if not impossible to do in just five minutes, particularly with a place as dynamic as a very busy bus station. The selection process then comes down to the quality of the few shots I managed and how I want to remember a place — and conversely how I want the place or experience to be remembered. I suppose the latter is an “editorial” decision.

      Thanks very much for visiting – always welcome.

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