Daysleepers, Bogota

Homeless sleeping under a mural in Bogota

There’s a large homeless population in Bogota; by official estimates some 10,000 people sleep on or beneath the streets of the Colombian capital each night. As I mentioned here, that figure seems suspiciously low to me. But no matter for the moment.

This was taken in the middle of the afternoon today; you can’t tell from the image, but the street was very busy with pedestrian traffic. It took a bit of patience to capture the scene without someone walking through the frame. Which was one of two things that really struck me about the scene: the first, the ease with which people simply walked around the sleeping men, with nary a glance or misstep; and the second, that the two men chose a busy thoroughfare for their afternoon snooze.

At least they were under these watchful eyes, part of a stunning mural by local urban artist Stinkfish whose psychedelia-inspired work is based upon found photographs. More on this piece is on his blog here.

Bogota, Colombia, 25 July 2015


  1. I had a similar feeling in Las Vegas last August, walking over the bridges from luxurious casino to casino. All those homeless people with tourists walking around their sleeping bodies day after scorching day.

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