The Sweetest Renault 4 On The Planet

Each time I see this car, or others from what I presume to be the same fleet of aging Renaults, I’m reminded that I gave up on my 1988 Yugo GVL much too soon. Oh, the wasted opportunities.

This vehicle, which illustrates the height of resourcefulness, is filled to the gills with herpos and panelitos, the latter sweets made from molasses flavored unrefined sugar and mixed with cinnamon. That’s a lot of sugar for one old Renault.

Stuffed Renault 4 in Colombia

So, what’s with the Renault 4? Nicknamed Amigo fiel, or Faithful friend, it was manufactured near Medellin from 1970 to 1992, and was one of the most sold cars in the country during that period.

According to wiki, the first Renault 4 manufactured in Colombia was called the Azul Pastrana because it was blue and President Misael Pastrana opened the plant.

Today’s Pic du Jour, the site’s 571st (!!) straight, was snapped on Calle 7 in downtown Bogota on 28 July 2015.



    1. That’s a soft spot lots of people seem to have for these. 🙂 They’re apparently still fairly common here in Colombia.

  1. That brings me back, our first car was a cream coloured Renault 4. We sold our motorbike because I was pregnant on our first child and bought the car instead. Three months later a motorbike overtook a car on a bend just in front of us and crashed into the poor old Renault, head on. Fortunately we were all okay, but the car was a write off. We bought a mini after that.

      1. Our poor dog was thrown off the back seat at the time and suffered seizures some months afterward and had to be put down. We attribute that to the collision. Apart from that, our daughter was born two moths later unharmed by the impact, thank goodness.

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