Reflections on the BBB Restaurant, Quito

Cutting to the chase: I dined at dozens of small neighborhood restaurants during my three months in Quito earlier this year, and the B.B.B. was my favorite.

I was lured in by the simple sign on the street that read ‘Comida Cubana’. It was run by a couple, in their late 30s or early 40s, who had arrived from Havana just six months earlier. The man spoke good English, his wife barely any. We discussed Yugoslavia, Slovenia, coffee and Andean indigenous groups.

I’ll mostly remember the black beans, zesty Cuban-style, from my first meal. And my disappointment on subsequent visits when I learned that they weren’t available.

All countries have immigrants, some welcomed more warmly than others. All emigrants are proud of their roots, some sharing that pride more openly than others.  Here the pride was shared on the plates they prepared. And in a small shrine along the back wall composed of a Cuban flag, some plastic sunflowers, and a kitschy statuette of an Indian chief.

At the BBB restaurant Quito


Today’s Pic du Jour, the site’s 572nd (!!) straight, was snapped at the B.B.B. Restaurant, Calle Oriente 19, in Quito’s Centro Historico on 20 February 2015.



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