Essaouira, Morocco – Travel and Stock Image Gallery

An 11-image gallery from Essaouira, Morocco, a picturesque Atlantic coast city of 70,000 that these days is awash with tourists on day trips from Marrakech.

That’s how I came for my brief visit, on a day and during hours which unfortunately weren’t the most conducive for photos. My favorite is the one at top, a simple and quiet shoreline moment that will remain my visit’s most memorable. Luck and timing colluded just enough to allow me to enjoy a few moments of solitude at the edge of these rugged rocks.

Despite the crowds of day-trippers, it’s a very pleasant break from the comparable chaos that is Marrakech. Essaouira is also known as Morocco’s blue city, a nickname earned from the typical blue trim, windows and shutters that are found on the mostly whitewashed buildings that line the narrow streets of its medina which was given UNESCO World Heritage status in 2001.

If your time is limited to a day trip, I highly recommend beginning in the Port of Essaouira which at midday will be buzzing with activity and commerce. I posted a 20-image gallery from the port which was as recently as 1950 Morocco’s most important port for sardine fishing. These days the country is still the largest canned sardine exporter in the world and the leading supplier to Europe, with some 600,000 tons processed annually. Check out that port gallery here, and the images I filed for Corbis and Demotix for editorial or stock licensing.

All images from September 2014.

Blue door, Essaouira, Morocco
Blue door, Essaouira, Morocco

Narrow street in Essaouira Morocco Cats sleeping in midday in Essaouira Morocco An old bike on a quiet street in Essaouira Morocco People playing football on a beach in Essaouira Morocco Old door in Essaouira Morocco A woman walking along a narrow street in Essaouira Along the Atlantic shore in Essaouira Morocco An Atlantic beach in Essaouira Morocco A narrow street in the Medina of Essaouira Morocco

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