Fire on the Mountain – Bogota Cityscape #02

It’s not every day that a fire breaks out on a mountain just as you click the shutter for a long exposure. At least not in my world.

This was taken earlier tonight from the rooftop of my apartment building for a series of cityscapes and nightscapes I’ve been piecing together. The view is facing east towards Bogota’s upscale Centro Internacional; if you’re familiar with the Colombian capital, this is just north, or in this case to the left, of where the Santa Fe barrio meets La Candelaria, the city’s colonial center and most visited area. The landmark church atop Montserrate mountain lies hidden behind the tower that’s under construction.

The orange hues, somewhat short-lived today, were just coming in as I snapped the shutter for this 20-second exposure; less than three seconds later I watched sparks bolt into the sky, followed by smoke and then the shooting flames. The flames didn’t last long, but the smoke did billow for a while. I can’t imagine that too many people in town made a similar image tonight.

My apartment, by the way, is in the barrio Teusaquillo, another excellent find via Airbnb. I’ve used the site almost exclusively for booking accommodations in most of my travels since late 2012 —that’s a few dozen cities in 15 countries— and have yet to be disappointed. If you’re not a member, drop me a line and I’ll be happy to pass along a US$25 credit voucher you can use when you sign up.

I’ll post the rest of the series in a few weeks after I bid Bogota adieu. Unless another fire pops up. Then you’ll be the first to know.

And for the record, today’s Pic du Jour, the blog’s 579th (!!) straight, was snapped on 05-Aug-2015 in Bogota, Colombia.

ISO 100
With an eight-stop ND filter


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