Mannequin Monday #64

Like last Monday’s, this week’s addition to the planet’s largest repository of blighted mannequins was spotted next to a small electronics shop on Carrera 10, or Tenth Avenue, in central Bogota, Colombia. But unlike last week’s, this one looks like it got its head smashed onto the pavement after losing a scuffle with the one directly behind her. I’ll save that on for another time.

New to this weekly series? Then I cordially invite you invest a few minutes and catch up here. And here too with a special video presentation I put together to celebrate the project’s first year. It’ll make your Monday a whole lot better than it already is — mainly to serve as a reminder that your week can only get better.

By the way, this image, snapped on 3 August 2015, also serves as today’s somewhat creepy Pic du Jour, the site’s 591st (!!) straight. When you’ve got a few minutes to spare, you can browse some of those here. Enjoy!


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