A Cali Farewell

For the past two days I briefly revisited the apartment in Cali where I spent three weeks earlier this summer. This was taken from the rooftop last night, a long exposure of the sunset to the hills west of Colombia’s third largest city. I liked the cloud formations whose movements resembled brush strokes across the wide canvas that was the early evening sky.

I’m heading back to Slovenia tonight, via another fairly long transit —though not as long as the last time I passed through Cali’s Alfonso Bonilla Aragon International Airport— that will bring me home in late afternoon Thursday central European time. First, I’ll be flying Cali to Bogota to London to Munich. I decided to stop and spend the night at a cheap hotel near Munich’s Hauptbahnhof so I can make the final leg to Ljubljana on Thursday by train. Because I really missed traveling by train. And after spending the vast majority of the past six months in large urban centers, I really need a big dose of the Alps. The pleasant six-hour and twenty minute Munich to Ljubljana journey provides just that for as little as €39, or US$43.

I won’t be online much until Friday, so my apologies in advance for delays in replying to comments, questions or emails. In the meantime, please be kind to one another.  🙂

And for the record, today’s Pic du Jour, the blog’s 592nd straight, was snapped in Cali, Colombia on 17 August 2015.

ISO 100
150sec (2min30sec)


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