Dugout Canoe, Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

Today’s Pic du Jour was taken more than 21 years ago on Ometepe Island on Lake Nicaragua, the largest body of fresh water in the Americas between Lake Titicaca and the Great Lakes of the US and Canada. I walked by these gentlemen early in the morning as the began carving out the tree. As we passed by again in late afternoon, they were nearly finished.

I was reminded of my visit to Ometepe twice today. The first prompt was this Inter Press News story, “Women Revolutionise Waste Management on Nicaraguan Island“; the second came a couple hours later courtesy of this post by Deborah Goehring on her blog, Retired and Rewired in Nicaragua. Goehring and her husband live on Ometepe and often write about the cultural differences they need to adjust to and accept as expats in a world far removed from the one they left behind in the U.S. Those include the disposal of garbage. Both the article and post are informative updates on what is an enormous problem not only in Nicaragua, but in most of the developing world.

By the way, this image is from a collection of snapshots taken during several trips to Nicaragua between 1990 and 1999 that I posted last December. If you missed it, do check it out.

And for the record: today’s Pic du Jour, the blog’s 615th straight, was taken near the village of Balgue on Lake Nicaragua’s Ometepe Island on 17 February 1994. Do you recognize anyone in the picture?


  1. Thanks for the link, Bob. Let’s see, 21 years ago. Hmm…no I don’t recognize anyone from the picture. It’s been 21 years since you’ve visited Ometepe Island? You are really due for another visit. I’ll have the hammock strung for you and I’ll bet they are still using that dugout canoe. I’ll take you fishing. 🙂

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