Milk Break, Good Friday Procession, Quito

This was taken during the annual Good Friday Procession in Quito, Ecuador last April, a gathering when some 250,000 lined the streets of the Ecuadorean capital’s historical center. Several thousand more participated in the 54th edition of what is one of the largest and most colorful Roman Catholic Holy Week events in Latin America.

Here I was experimenting a bit with a handheld long exposure zoom-pan technique I previously tried here and here and spotted this child who was just given a drink. When he looked up I snapped a handful of shots. It’s hardly perfect, but it was fun. Next time I’ll use a tripod.

More on the procession is here, a post which I introduced thusly:

There really are no limits to the ways one can illustrate devotion to one’s faith.

At yesterday’s annual Good Friday Procession in Quito, that devotion took on a multitude of forms I’ve never witnessed: dozens carried or pulled heavy crosses, others marched with shackles wrapped around their bruised ankles, and still others, bleeding from the barbed wire they wrapped themselves in, self-flagellated with ropes and sticks as prayers and hymns hummed through scratchy speakers that lined the procession route through the Ecuadorean capital’s historical city center.

You can also check out 23 images I filed for Demotix / Corbis and/or a short video I put together with 66 images here.

Image Specs:
ISO 100
1/6 sec

And for the record, today’s Pic du Jour, the site’s 620th straight, was snapped on 3 April 2015.


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