From Celje Castle

This is the view facing west from Slovenia’s 14th century Celje Castle, taken late this afternoon during my first visit in 38 years to the first castle I ever visited. It’s primarily a ruin under continual renovation, was once home to the notorious Counts of Celje and was the largest fortification on Slovenia territory. More on the castle another time.

I enjoyed watching how the sun’s rays forced themselves through the clouds to create this fleeting grid, a nice fit for this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge.

At about the same time 72 kilometers to the southeast, thousands of migrants and asylum seekers flooding into Europe and hoping to reach Germany and Scandinavia, were gathering on the Slovenian-Croatian border near Dobova, more or less trapped on the Croatian side by recent regional border decisions in the ongoing refugee crisis.

As the NY Times reports:

More than 17,000 migrants have entered Croatia since Wednesday, and were essentially trapped there, having been blocked from Hungary, sent packing from Serbia and unable to move on to Slovenia. The migrants have become a sloshing tide of humanity, left to flow wherever the region’s conflicting and constantly changing border controls channel them.

I hope a few were able to share a similar afternoon view.

Today’s Pic du Jour, the blog’s 623rd straight, was snapped on 19 Sep 2015 near Celje, Slovenia.


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