Nanning Market Mushrooms

More specifically, at a market in Nanning, China, with a population of over seven million, one of the larger cities you’ve never heard of. The same market where I saw boiled dog for sale for the first time.

I don’t remember the name of these but the ones on the left were absolutely phenomenal.

Today’s Pic du Jour, the blog’s 632nd straight, was snapped in Nanning, China, on 14 October 2010.


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  1. ladieswholunchreviews says

    I’m so sorry I clicked on the boiled dog link 🙁

  2. jacquelineobyikocha says

    The thought of killing a dog and boiling it makes my stomach churn. I wish I hadn’t clicked on it???

    1. Bob R says

      Not for the faint of heart or stomach, to be sure. And not nearly as common as it once was in parts of China and Vietnam, but still not too difficult to come across either.

      1. jacquelineobyikocha says

        I will pass. The thought is bad enough 🙁

  3. ladieswholunchreviews says

    I guess, in all fairness, if it says “boiled dog” we shouldn’t be upset when it’s a picture of boiled dog, right? 🙂 Still sorry I clicked the link, but lesson learned…

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