Links, Notes, Bookmarks & Briefs For October 1, 2015

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Birthdays & Anniversaries

The Paris Review remembers poet W.S. Merwyn on his 88th birthday. I remember meeting him in 1987 (or was in 1988?) at Ohio University’s annual lit fest and simply being blown away. I still often travel with his book Travels.

European Migration

In To Help Refugees, EU Should Tackle Climate, Friends of the Earth Europe Director Magda Stoczkiewicz writes for the EU Observer what I’ve been telling anyone who’ll listen — that Climate change is and will remain a significant push factor for migration:

“Climate change may not be the direct cause of a conflict or crisis but it is known to exacerbate it.

Without adequate climate action, more people will seek to move in search of safety and a better life.

The EU’s position for the climate negotiations agreed by environment ministers on 18 September – during unprecedented levels of attention on the plight of refugees – is not a promising sign for Paris.

Governments stayed on the side of the fossil fuel industry instead of signalling their determination to replace our energy system with a clean, renewable one and take serious steps to fight climate change.

The continued burning of fossil fuels has already locked us in to at least one degree Celsius of warming.

The failure of Europe and other rich world regions to stop the burning of fossil fuels means we are still on a trajectory to climate change of a magnitude that will see crops fail, diseases spread, supply routes disrupted, extreme weather events intensify, and conflicts over water, food and other key resources exacerbated.

It will be the poor and the marginalised who suffer most.”

Hiking / Walking / Mountain Huts in Europe

The Guardian helps celebrate the 100-plus free shelters, or bothies, available for use by walkers and hikers that dot the UK landscape. ‘The Book of the Bothy‘ author Phoebe Smith picks her eight favorites as the charity that runs them turns fifty.

Sound & Music

In its third month among the top-20, Cheikh Lo’s most recent release Balbalou hit No. 1 on the World Music Charts Europe for October which was released today. This is “Degg Gui”, the first single from the album, which features Rio-born and Paris-based Flavia Coehlo. [Upcoming tour dates.]


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