Mountain hut by the Triglav Lakes Valley
Mountain hut by the Triglav Lakes Valley

Slovenia Day Trips: Triglav Lakes Valley Hike

An updated version of this post has moved to So go take that hike now.

  1. I’ve been to Austria and Switzerland and Italy and France and Germany as a teen back when there were youth fares. Just tell me the history, don’t make me look it all up, why didn’t I go to Slovenia? Was it not a country then? My sis and BIL were stationed in Italy around Naples and we drove up to Amsterdam I think. Beautiful scenery BTW in your country!

    1. Slovenia’s the northernmost part of the former Yugoslavia, independent since 1991. The area in these photos is near the corner where Slovenia, Italy and Austria meet. The Alps stretch into Slovenia here and along much of the northern border with Austria. For such a compact country, it packs a whallop in the beautiful scenery department. 🙂

      1. Thanks for the info, it’s lovely country! I’ll probably have to look it up anyway now 🙂 I’m Czech and Polish and we were not able to visit there I know. Do you know Donald Trump’ s wife or is Slovenia not that small??

  2. I think I’m falling in love with Slovenia. It started with your announcement that you’d returned to Ljubljiana, and I have to confess I was unaware of that city. I was immediately intrigued by its name – how in the world to pronounce it? So I looked it up. And I looked for photos of the city. It looks fantastic – big enough to be full of great architecture, art, culture, but small enough to enjoy. And now this!?! What a beautiful place you live in. Definitely on my short list now.

    1. Very nice to hear. Most people who visit leave with very positive impressions. As for pronouncing Ljubljana, it’s easiest to just pretend the j’s aren’t there: Loo Blee yahn a. Or something like that. 🙂

  3. I enjoy your photography and have to say you outdid yourself with this post. Spectacular photo. I have a friend living in Belgium that often praises Slovenia and these photos gives justice to his bragging.

  4. This sounds like an excellent series, looking forward to it. I’m happy for you to go up there and return, even though your knees suffered. I remember sweating over the Komarča climb from Lake Bohinj a few times via the 7 lakes all the way up the Prehodavce pass. And how the descent from Komna to Lake Bohinj took forever even though we were running down those bends. The views are worth it all. And 10 eur for parking?? I’ll stop complaining over Italians now.

    1. We decided to pass on the Komarča approach this time. And I’m Glad we did. 🙂 I’m not too bothered by the 10eur parking fee — many national parks in other countries charge much more. I only hope that the money does go towards maintaining the road.

      1. Not so many!!….last time I’ve spent three days across the lakes valley and the Triglav summit… looking for the zlatrog!!;)…Slovenia is really nice and wild …like most parts of the Giulian alps in Friuli!!

  5. Thanks for posting this on#TravelAtHome – the alps round lake Bohinj is one of my favorite places in the world. We have been there a few times and hope to go back again. Every time we have been the children have been too young to do a hike like this (our poor 31/2 year old (at the time) son was not amused when we made him walk half way round Lake Bohinj. He is 9 now so could probably manage it if we stayed overnight on the mountain – the girls are still a little too young though.

    1. Great to hear that you’re familiar with the area. Most visitors to this part of Slovenia don’t venture beyond Bled. There is a fairly extensive mountain hut system so lots of overnight options do exist.

  6. I love mountains. I suppose I have a soft-spot for them since I grew up on them–just along the Skyline Drive in the United States. This area looks beautiful! I haven’t been on a hike that long, but I think it would be amazing to just “be” with nature for so long.

    1. I’m very familiar with the Skyline Drive, I have some great memories from that beautiful area. As for being with nature, it’s simple: make the time. 🙂 (Sometimes easier said than done, I know.) Thanks for visiting, welcome anytime.

  7. Wow this all looks so beautiful! Definitely a far cry from where we are living now! If we moved from the Seychelles we would definitely loved to be somewhere where we could access amazing scenery like this!
    Visiting via #travelathome linky

  8. Hi Bob. I am planning to hike to Triglav Lakes Valley in September and I’m glad I found this information. Is there a possible route to start at Balto and go to hut Zasavska koča na Prehodavcih for the first night? I would like to stay at Koča pri Triglavskih jezerih, the second night and hike out at Savica Falls on the third day. Any suggestions you have would be greatly apprciated.

    1. Thanks. 🙂 In my case it’s more a matter of age, wear and tear. Improvement’s not in the cards — unless eventual replacement counts as improvement. 🙂

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