The Komikaze Comic Collective Lands in Ljubljana With Femicomix – a 12 Photo Introduction

Phantasmagoric collages. A very dark poem about small puking children. An interpretation of how couples have evolved. And a hair found in a library book.

Those are but a few of the playfully smart themes that are considered in Femicomix, an exhibit of works by the (largely) Balkan-based artists collective Komikaze, currently on display at the Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture in the Slovenian capital Ljubljana.

Works by 17 artists from ten countries are included in the exhibit under the Komikaze umbrella, a loosely-knit organization whose mission is to spotlight and support women artists in the contemporary comics scene.

Since its formation in 2002, Komikaze has grown into a network of 240 artists from 45 countries, has released 37 online editions, more than a dozen print issues, organized nearly 200 exhibits and conducted more than 40 workshops. A video of Beđomatik, their most recent, here in Ljubljana, is here.

This exhibit is in conjunction with the 21st City of Women International Arts Festival hosted annually in Ljubljana, and serves as a pleasant —and important— reminder that comics are of interest to female artists, too. That small, fertile and growing scene is the one Komikaze hopes to foster and encourage. Spend some time with their sizable online archive and you’ll see how far they’ve already come.

Through 19 October. Don’t forget to bring your daughters, granddaughters, and nieces.

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A small selection:

Below, Waitin’ For Chip, by Nina Bunjevac (Canada)

Waiting for Chip by Nina Bunjevac Femicomix Exhibit Ljubljana Waiting for Chip Pt 2 by Nina Bunjevac Femicomix Exhibit Ljubljana

What’s new in Zagreb by Ena Jurov (Croatia)

What’s new in Zagreb by Ena Jurov Femicomix exhibit Ljubljana

Two pieces from Hair by Ivana Pipal (Croatia)

Hair 1 by Ivana Pipal Femicomix exhibit Ljubljana Hair 2 by Ivana Pipal Femicomix exhibit Ljubljana

Couples by Petra Varl (Slovenia)Couples by Petra Varl Femicomix Exhibit Ljubljana

Small Children by Anna Ehrlemark (Sweden)Small Children by Anna Ehrlemark Femicomix exhibit Ljubljana Small Children Pt 2 by Anna Ehrlemark Femicomix exhibit Ljubljana

Romance by Amandine Meyer (France) Romance by Amandine Meyer Femicomix exhibit Ljubljana Femicomix exhibiting artists Ljubljana

Above, the line-up and below, a wider view of the exhibit in the second floor lobby of the Kino Siska theater.Femicomix exhibit Kino Siska Ljubljana October 2015 Femicomix exhibit Ljubljana October 2015

Authors/Artists: Nina Bunjevac (1980) Canada; Amandine Meyer/France; Amanda Baeza/Portugal; Bojana Bogavac (1986)/ Monte Negro; Ivana Pipal (1990)/Croatia; Petra Brnardić (1978), Croatia; Petra Balekić (1989)/ Croatia; Ena Jurov (1988)/ Croatia; Dunja Janković (1981)/ Croatia; Lina Rica (1981)/ Croatia; Nele Broenner (1980)/ Germany; Neja Tomšič/ Slovenia; Petra Varl/ Slovenia; Katie Woznicki (1984) USA/Serbia; Agneizska Piksa/ Poland; Anna Ehrlemark (1981) Sweden; Ivana Armanini/ Croatia

All photos with a Samsung Galaxy 4; my apologies to the artists for any technical deficiencies that may have caused.


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