Llama at Sunset, Bogota

Llama parking, near Plaza Bolivar, Bogota

It’s heartening to see llamas welcome where cars no longer are. I think he was kinda smiling about it, too.

Today’s Pic du Jour, the 655th straight, was snapped on 13 June 2015 on Calle de San Miguel (Calle 11), near Plaza Bolivar, Bogota. In case you missed them, here’s a post about the hat shops on this particular street and another about Plaza Bolivar itself, with a short video and more llama images, too! 🙂

I’ll be away for most of the day tomorrow, gone to meet with some of the migrants that are caught in a logjam that’s building along the border between Slovenia and Croatia. To catch up on what’s transpiring on the refugee route through the Balkans, check out Barbara Surk’s story in today’s New York Times, ‘Stranded in Cold Rain, a Logjam of Migrants in the Balkans‘.

At least the rain’s stopped. But winter is coming soon.


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