Runners From Palestine Journey to Beirut to Exercise Their Freedom to Move

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      1. Yeah shared it on facebook. Very subdued response though. I feel like people have very short attention spans when it comes to the Middle East. Much easier to just change your facebook profile to the French flag. To be fair I guess people have been bombarded over the last few days with a ton of opposing commentaries by people with all sorts of agendas.

  1. Bob, this major departure from Art to a verbal quagmire, came as a surprise. Your and their repeated use of the “Palestine” name came unexpectedly. I have enjoyed your work recently, but did not know that underlying it was a certain political call to reward these very buff, very well dressed, very well educated and dressed folks, with the fruits of their dreams. That would be of course the slaughter of 7 million Jews, along with the elimination of the French, Belgium, UK and other Jews now packing, as the flee their ancestral European homes.
    You are an artist, but the slide to the dark side is a slippery once . . . .

    1. Jeffrey: a “slide to the dark side”? I’m not going to read too much into what you’ve written here unless you’d like to elaborate because my guess is that we’ll get nowhere. But I will say that I’m surprised that you, as a life long educator, would somehow equate a group of passionate runners whom you’ve never met and know nothing about with those seeking to slaughter their fellow human beings.

      1. Bob, this hit a tender spot. I have grandkids in Israel. If someone seeks that nation to disappear, and be replace by ‘Palestine’ there is no other result but the slaughter of the Jews in Israel. I grew up on the streets of Brooklyn, NYC, and I bristle when folks propose to terminate (again) the dry bones of those who fled to there after defying the ovens, as well as my grandkids. I respect you, your work is extraordinary, but this instance is different, and those young folks, inevitably, propose doing us once again, and that raises my hackles. Hope you understand. My late wife’s entire families were shot, starved and ensalved. Her parents were both enslaved, dying a million deaths till liberation. This is very complicated stuff. I hope that this does not cut the line, so to speak, but I’ve shared my heat here. Thanks.

        1. Jeffrey — I realize that it’s complicated stuff which is why I guess I can’t view it only in terms of black and white. My grandfather spent two and a half years in Dachau, and my great grandfather died there, worked to death. I’ve visited Auschwitz and have spoken with survivors, and don’t wish what they endured on anyone.

          I’ve also spoken with Palestinians who are routinely dehumanized in the Occupied Territories where they’re forced to live as second class citizens. Israeli mistreatment of Palestinians in the West Bank and particularly in Gaza is well documented. The brutality with which Jews were treated in the past can’t be an excuse for Jews to treat others unjustly now.

          I’m not ignoring the suffering that Palestinians have inflicted on Israelis. Nor should you ignore what’s been inflicted on Palestinians.

          1. Yes, the gravity of that land is complex. I was in Israel 3 years ago, and was at the ground breaking for a new home. The architect was family to me, as was her husband, the general contractor. I asked of the excavators who were there to begin prepping the land for the foundation. The architect had done upwards of 30 homes with these 2 brothers. I asked if their kids joined them in their company? No, she smiled, pointing to one of the brothers. One of his 2 sons is a doctor, the other a lawyer. I then asked if they were paid on par with a Jewish excavator. She said absolutely, and the brothers were very successful. The brothers live in Israel, and she said that their family homes are in a cup-de-sac in an arab village. She (the architect) visited his home on his invitation, and it was beyond nice. I finish this thread with you noting: If the Arabs would stop preaching Kill! they would rather soon enjoy peace and definitely prosperity. Tell me when that time will come, absent the elimination of the Jews of Israel? Thanks for civil sharing.

          2. And thank you. You’ve given me some things to ponder, I hope I’ve done the same. I’m a firm believer that in the end we have much more in common than we care to admit.

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