Links, Notes, Bookmarks & Briefs For November 26, 2015

An open thread and daily notes to myself; feel free to eavesdrop, join in or drop a relevant link in the comments. Updated several times throughout the day.

To my friends, blog readers and browsers, colleagues and acquaintances in the U.S., happy Thanksgiving. If you have the day off, don’t shop tomorrow. Instead, just relax and enjoy the company of family and friends, ok? Great, thanks. 🙂


Conductor of the Anonymous: In her oral histories, Svetlana Alexievich orchestrates the voices of Russians trying to reconcile the irreconciliableThe Nation

Climate Change

Exxon Made Deep Cuts in Climate Research Budget in the 1980sInside Climate News
The fragile framework – A Nature comic examines the 25-year quest for a climate treaty. Can nations unite to save Earth’s climate?Nature
Climate Refugees and a Collapsing City: With multiplying impacts of climate change – increasing floods, cyclones, and drought – thousands of climate refugees are migrating to Dhaka. And the city, well beyond its carrying capacity, is bursting at the seams – IPS News
Bolivia’s Morales, once leftist climate pact foe, turns pragmaticReuters
Pope Francis: To Address ‘Grave Environmental Crisis,’ Build Social JusticeCommon Dreams


Germany gives Greece names of 10,000 citizens suspected of dodging taxesThe Guardian

Israel & Palestine

Israeli military warns violence could go on for months and risks getting worseThe Guardian

Latin America

Ben Carson Isn’t the Only US Politician With a Hand in Shady Latin American Dealings: Duane Clarridge’s Iran/Contra history is horrifying—but it’s no worse than Hillary Clinton’s record in ColombiaThe Nation


Qatar launches inquiry after heavy rains expose poor constructionThe Guardian

Refugee Crisis

German interior minister calls for refugee capEU Observer
Canada’s refugee resettlement plan remains a work in progressGlobe and Mail
Slovenia: Migrants cost over 11 million euros / Watchdog reports drastic drop in migrant arrivals in GreeceAP
Norway tightens border controlsEU Observer


Best Hockey Fight of the MonthOld Time Hockey
The Coming Boycott of NikeCorporate Crime Reporter via Counterpunch


Turkey and Russia: Escalation unlikelyNew Eastern Europe
Syria’s Cauldron of Fire: a Downed Russian Jet and the Battle of Two PipelinesCounterpunch


Why You Should Go to Paris (And Beirut, And Belgium, And …) Now More Than EverConde Nast Traveler

US Presidential Election 2016

New York Times slams ‘outrageous’ Donald Trump for mocking reporter’s disability – The Guardian
Terrorism in the Age of TrumpNew York Magazine
Dear Media, Stop Freaking Out About Donald Trump’s
Hillary Clinton extends Iowa lead, narrows Sanders’ lead in NH (But it’s only 50% to 44 in Iowa, within the margin of error) – CBS News
Voters trust Clinton most on terrorism. Here’s why they shouldn’tInstitute for Policy Studies


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