The Syrian Refugee Crisis in Lebanon – a Notebook and Primer

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  1. Thank you for sharing your knowledge on this. I think that the UK has always viewed the EU’s view on national borders as being weak. I’m not sure how we can help with this refugee issue though it’s fair to say that we find it distressing. The UK is already struggling to handle all the normal cross-European influx without those who have been pushed out of their countries by the wars in the middle east. We’ve been an open recipient of people over time but… It’s a very small island 🙁 I’m also very concerned that we may soon be at war in Syria. I am expecting acts of terrorism in London soon – I guess it’s Chin Up and Battle Bowlers time once more…. It was bad enough with the IRA (Funded to a certain extent by Americans) but at least they were generally honorable in their acts of terrorism – warnings to allow civilians to leave. I, and I expect most of the rest of us, won’t give in to terrorism! 🙂 But I’m not sure letting potential terrorists (hiding amongst refugees) in via the front door is something we can countenance!

  2. This is all shaping up to be one of the defining problems of the first part of this century. I don’t expect an answer to appear anytime soon, either. I am continually amazed at how Lebanon manages to cope with such a huge number of refugees, although I suppose that the answer is no, they are not realing coping, but simply treading water. Your notes also explain clearly one of the main reasons that so many of them are now travelling onwards to Europe. God knows what the answer is; there are enough people wrestling with that problem right now, and unfortunately our British government has just voted to carry out air strikes against IS in Syria, which will probably just make the chaos worse, although I can understand their reasoning even if i don’t agree with a lot of it. Thanks for keeping us informed.

    1. I was watching the vote in Parliament live last night on BBC World between updates from the mass shooting in San Bernardino, California.

      It is a defining problem, and also a preview of things to come if we don’t get our climate house in order. Climate refugees already exist and their numbers stand to grow alarmingly high.

  3. You have really done such a fine job of outlining the problem. I am so disheartened at the United States failure to help the refugees fleeing Syria in any significant way. I can not even imagine how Lebanon will continue forward, or exactly how this will unfold long term.

    Thank you for your excellent reporting.

  4. I appreciate you sharing these notes. For some reason I hadn’t really thought through the implications for the children aside from the more obvious hardships. The children don’t have time to wait for the rest of the world to come up with solutions…they keep right on developing and growing and sadly, missing out on their childhood and their education. Lebanon’s response is inspiring.

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