Long Shadows: Links, Notes, Bookmarks & Briefs For December 6, 2015

Selfie shadow, Los Antiguos ArgentinaAn open thread and (almost) daily notes to myself; feel free to eavesdrop, join in or drop a relevant link in the comments. Updated several times throughout the day.

Hope you had or continue to have a happy Sunday. Mine began with Albert Camus who casts a long shadow over many things.


Love of Life: Albert Camus on Happiness, Despair, the Art of Awareness, and Why We Travel – via Brain Pickings Weekly. My favorite Sunday newsletter. Camus wrote when he just 22:

Without cafés and newspapers, it would be difficult to travel. A paper printed in our own language, a place to rub shoulders with others in the evenings enable us to imitate the familiar gestures of the man we were at home, who, seen from a distance, seems so much a stranger. For what gives value to travel is fear. It breaks down a kind of inner structure we have. One can no longer cheat — hide behind the hours spent at the office or at the plant (those hours we protest so loudly, which protect us so well from the pain of being alone). I have always wanted to write novels in which my heroes would say: “What would I do without the office?” or again: “My wife has died, but fortunately I have all these orders to fill for tomorrow.” Travel robs us of such refuge. Far from our own people, our own language, stripped of all our props, deprived of our masks (one doesn’t know the fare on the streetcars, or anything else), we are completely on the surface of ourselves. But also, soul-sick, we restore to every being and every object its miraculous value. A woman dancing without a thought in her head, a bottle on a table, glimpsed behind a curtain: each image becomes a symbol. The whole of life seems reflected in it, insofar as it summarizes our own life at the moment. When we are aware of every gift, the contradictory intoxications we can enjoy (including that of lucidity) are indescribable.


Climate change is set to become the biggest driver of future migrationTransform. I’ve been telling people this for years.


NASA releases ‘best close-ups’ of PlutoAFP


FotoWeb – This Week’s Ten Best Photography Links – Fotografia


French far-right makes major breakthrough to top regional elections – Reuters

Boosted by fears over the Islamic State attacks that killed 130 people in Paris on Nov. 13, as well as by record unemployment and immigration, Marine Le Pen’s party secured 29.4 percent of the vote nationally, the interior ministry said, with over 85 percent of the votes counted.

That is the highest score ever for the anti-Europe, anti-immigration party, which came first in six regions out of 13.


Twenty-five year old Marechal-Le Pen, the granddaughter of party founder Jean-Marie Le Pen, led the first round in southeast France with 42 percent – twice her grandfather’s score there in 2010.

Refugee Crisis

Most Syrian refugee children in Turkey are not in school: HRWDeutsche Welle

UNICEF: A generation in ruins as Syria war continuesDeutsche Welle

TV Slovenia reports that just 742 refugees entered the country on Saturday, followed by three trains today carrying 1,121, 940 and 1,015 respectively.


Who’s responsible when small children shoot themselves?The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


Europeans worry stepping up Islamic State fight means more terror attacksGlobal Post

Tune du Jour

– Bill Evans: But Beautiful.


Today’s Pic du Jour, the site’s 702nd straight, was snapped on 17 February 2013 in Los Antiguos, Argentina. Why here today? Because Ailsa asked for a non-selfie selfie. Or something like that. 🙂


  1. There’s a lot in your notebook today, Bob. The US guns debate, ISIS, the French far right, climate change, the harrowing refugee situation – any one of those seems almost beyond resolution at the moment. BUT…those photos from Pluto are just incredible, music is wonderful and Camus…how could he write like that when he was only 22?

    1. His work is fairly amazing — I can’t even remember what I was writing when I was 22, so it obviously didn’t leave much of an impression. 🙂

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