2,000+ March in Ljubljana to Protest Rising Racism, Nationalism and Militarism in Europe – 7 Images

Here are a few images from a demonstration and march today in the Slovenian capital Ljubljana to protest the growing militarism, nationalism and racism in Europe in the wake of last month’s terrorist attacks in Paris and the rising anti-refugee sentiment across the continent.

More than 2,000 people turned out for the event organized by a coalition of civil society organizations, movements and community groups to call for military de-escalation and a Europe without borders and wire fences.

The rally began at the central Congress Square, followed by a march which circled much of the city center, winding past several government buildings including parliament. You can read the event’s manifesto on its Facebook page here.

Six more images are below. For editorial use, please check out the images filed for Corbis and Demotix or get in touch.

European anti-militarism protest in Ljubljana December 2015 2Protesters carry a sign that reads “Against war, racism, nationalism and authoritarianism – We’re not going into your wars – for peace and a different Europe” at a demonstration to protest the growing nationalism, militarism and racism in Europe. European anti-militarism protest in Ljubljana December 2015 4A barbed wire fence monster at a demonstration in Ljubljana, SloveniaEuropean anti-militarism protest in Ljubljana December 2015 5Marchers walk under the city’s holiday light display during a demonstration in Ljubljana, Slovenia European anti-militarism protest in Ljubljana December 2015 3A poster –comparing refugee camps in Europe now to the concentration camps that existed during the second world war– pasted to a wall near Slovenia’s parliamentary offices during a demonstration in the capital Ljubljana European anti-militarism protest in Ljubljana December 2015 6A protester holds a red flare in front of Slovenia’s Parliament building in during a demonstration in the capital Ljubljana
European anti-militarism protest in Ljubljana December 2015 7Ljubljana’s castle hill looms in the background as demonstrators gather in the city’s central Congress Square.
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  1. paula graham says

    Well done documenting this. I am behind all the slogans. Things are shocking , shocking and all that is the EU in 2015. I hold my heart for the coming winter and all these people living rough..my thoughts are with them.xx

  2. C. J. Hartwell says

    Powerful images, the poster comparing the refugee & concentration camps especially so.

    1. Bob R says

      That series was popping all along the march route, marchers pasting them as they walked along. Will have to check to see how many are still hanging today.

  3. kunstkitchen says

    The images are so powerful. Everyone I talk to is worried about the situation in Europe and the USA.

  4. jacquelineobyikocha says

    I honestly wonder how these people cope with the rough weather . Not happy thoughts.

  5. Frankie Beane says

    Heavens. It is as though nothing has changed. You can go back 80 years for the very same thing. When do you think as humans we will smarten up?

    1. Bob R says

      Probably not this year. Or next year either. The need for a rush to war, particularly in the US, is startling to me, given that barely a decade has passed since that nonsensical rush to war in Iraq which did nothing but further destabilize the entire region.

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