‘The Loveliest Landscape is a Woman’, Revisited

This photo was taken ten years ago today in front of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, a day I’ll always remember as my introduction to the painter Kees van Dongen. I’ve been fortunate to have seen at least a few dozen of his works since but none have captivated me as much as ‘Woman with Shawl and Red Choker’ –we all best remember our first time, right?– whose caption read: “The loveliest landscape is a woman”.

As I wrote on a long since defunct blog (and also republished here about a year later), it was a magnificently simple line that I immediately filed away with other luscious gems of sublime simplicity that I wish I had written. Another is Michael Stipe’s lyric, “I look at her and I see the beauty of the light of music.” There’s a very tangible light that illuminates music; if it’s a light that radiates beauty, that’s all the better. And if that musical light emanates from the lovely landscape of a woman, then you’ve experienced a rare trifecta that simply can’t be outdone.

Much more on that exhibit from a long ago December is here, along with a brief Amsterdam notebook. Enjoy.


For the record, today’s Pic du Jour, the site’s 709th straight, was snapped in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, on 13 December 2015. And if you’re missing today’s Links, Notes, Bookmarks & Briefs, they’ve moved here.


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