Above the Fog

Today’s referendum here in Slovenia illustrated lots of things, not the least of which was that the rights of a minority can never be decided by the “majority” — even if that majority is a 36% turnout of the electorate.

Slovenians voted nearly 2-1 against same-sex marriage in a referendum today. Given the lies, fear and hate spread by the “no” crowd, I’m not that surprised. It’s still saddening and disappointing that so many didn’t see the issue as one that simply grants equality and dignity to all — nothing less, nothing more.

I’m glad I got to spend a nice part of the day today floating above the clouds and fog that too often blankets and blinds Ljubljana and Slovenia, enjoying sun and the warmth of light for the first time in well over a month. That’s Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital, obscured and at the extreme left.

Near the village of Brezovica pri Medvodah, Slovenia, 20-Dec-2015, the blog’s 716th straight Pic du Jour.


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