La Vieja Suiza, Art Deco in the Heart of Candelaria

There are lots of colorful buildings in Candelaria, Bogota, Colombia’s historical center, but none quite stand out like the Art Deco-inspired La Vieja Suiza, on the corner of Calle del Estero and 12C, which now serves as a bakery and cafe. It blends nicely in the stew that is Bogota architecture, mixing with the Spanish colonial and Baroque styles that make up the Colombian capital’s most popular district.

I remembered it this morning when the skies here were gray, dreary and crying for color, and again this afternoon while processing more of my Bogota street art images when this image popped up. For those of you keeping score, I am happy to report steady progress on the street art project. 🙂

And entirely unrelated: In case you missed it, yesterday I announced the kick off of ‘Wednesday Headlines‘, a new, simple, fun and informative trans-global weekly photo collaboration open to one and all. Details are here but in brief: each Wednesday, snap a photo of the nearest newsstand (or that day’s newspaper) and send it along to me where it will be included in one compilation post along with headline images from every corner of the planet. That’s the working plan, anyway, so please, represent your corner of the globe and join us. And do tell a friend.


For the record, today’s Pic du Jour, the site’s 732nd straight, was snapped on 10 June 2015 in Bogota, Colombia, a city that crosses my mind every day.


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  1. annamnavarro says

    Columbia is on my hit list, this looks like a must visit place.

  2. ladieswholunchreviews says


  3. paula graham says

    Wonderful old building..seemingly well loved.

  4. Kiri says

    I’m currently in a town that calls itself the Art Deco Capital of the world, Napier New Zealand. Due to an earthquake here in 1931, a lot of Art Deco commercial buildings and homes were built in close proximity in the years following. Not on the scale of say Miami, but lovely to be able to walk around and admire. Some make use of Māori inspired (appropriated?) motifs.

    1. Bob R says

      Sounds like an energizing architectural treat. Do you have any photos anywhere?

      1. Kiri says

        Yeah on instagram if you search my name. Took more photos of vineyards this time 😉 If you scroll back to April there’s one of the Rothman’s building by the port which is beautiful.

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