King Cormorant Colony, Last Hope Sound, Chile

King Cormorant Colony Last Hope Sound Chile

For those of you who were longing to see hundreds of King Cormorants (Phalacrocorax atriceps) today, this is for you. You’re welcome.

This shot was taken on a boat journey to Bernard O’Higgins National Park in the southern reaches of Chilean Patagonia, not far from Puerto Natales, that city that is the chief launching point for trekkers heading to Torres del Paine National Park, among South America’s most popular parks.

About two hours into the voyage across Last Hope Sound, or Suena Ultima Esperanza, we passed this colony of several hundred King Cormorants (aka Imperial Shags) who return to this rocky point every year to breed.

What makes this colony unique is that most King Cormorant colonies are generally small, and rarely number into the hundreds like this one.

This photo was one of 40 that I included in a lengthy post on the trip, The Balmaceda and Serrano Glaciers and a 40 Photo Tour Through Chile’s Last Hope Sound, here. It includes four short videos and a selfie, too. I updated some of the info there today so thought it appropriate to shine a bit of light on these cormorants, too.


And for the record, today’s Pic du Jour, the site’s 734th straight, was snapped on the Last Hope Sound, or Suena Ultima Esperanza, in Chilean Patagonia, on 07-Feb-2013.


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  1. bisimodupe1975 says

    Beautiful sight…reminds me of the movie Happy Feet.

    1. ladieswholunchreviews says

      That’s funny, I was thinking the same thing!

    2. Bob R says

      It was incredible. I don’t think I’ve seen Happy Feet. (I’m kinda boring, I know. 🙂 )

  2. Alison says

    Great shot! Upon first glance I thought they were penguins, too. The King Cormorants are so much larger than the ones I see in Florida. 🙂

  3. aussie7summits says

    Great photos! I’ll see huge penguin colonies on Heard Island in 7 weeks time. There’s also a Cormorant colony as well.

    1. Bob R says

      Excellent — thanks for dropping by. Looking forward to following your adventure.

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